Sleep Therapy

Sleep Better with Our Specialized ADHD-Informed Therapy for Insomnia

Transform your nights and reclaim your days — the ADHD-friendly way.

Are restless nights and sleep challenges shadowing your daily life? You’re not alone. ADHD often comes with unique sleep challenges, including insomnia. 

We offer specialized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-i) that’s fine-tuned to the unique needs of individuals with ADHD. Our aim? To help you regain peaceful nights and invigorating sleep, all through ADHD-friendly strategies.

CBT-i is a proven, evidence-based therapeutic approach that consistently outperforms even the most effective sleep medications in long-term efficacy.

It focuses on dissecting and altering the thoughts, behaviors, and lifestyle factors contributing to your sleep challenges.

With therapists who are experts in both ADHD and insomnia, we offer a personalized treatment plan to tackle the underlying factors affecting your sleep.

Ready to feel more rested and truly understand your unique sleep patterns?

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Adult ADHD Therapy

Rediscover joy, confidence, and connection with structured strategies tailored for your unique ADHD journey.

ADHD Couples Therapy

Navigate ADHD-related challenges in your relationship through specialized therapy. Enhance communication, manage tasks, and build intimacy with our expert therapists.

ADHD Parent Coaching and Therapy

Boost your parenting skills through ADHD-informed coaching. Learn to balance challenges and leverage your strengths.

LGBTQ+ ADHD-Informed Therapy

Specialized care for individuals navigating both neurodivergence and LGBTQ+ identities, offered by skilled therapists.

ADHD Sex Therapy

Empower your sex life through ADHD-informed, sex-positive, and kink-allied therapy. Suitable for individuals, groups, and couples.

Women with ADHD Group

Join a supportive network of women with ADHD for shared understanding, strategies, and knowledge.

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