Act 120/235 Evaluations

Act 120/235 Psychological Evaluations for Lethal Weapon Certification in Pennsylvania

Our evaluations are specially designed to fulfill the Pennsylvania state requirements for mental fitness for those wielding a lethal weapon in public service roles.

Our comprehensive assessments are conducted with the utmost professionalism, designed to meet the rigorous standards of psychological fitness required for security and law enforcement roles.

Your evaluation begins with a 1-hour virtual interview with our experienced psychologists

This interview covers your developmental, family, and occupational history, as well as legal or mental health concerns.

You will also complete the MMPI-3, an online questionnaire, to provide a fuller picture of your psychological well-being.

We compile these insights into a thorough report.

This is submitted, along with the required psychological exam form,

to the appropriate board or authorities.

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Adult Autism Diagnostic Assessment

Gain transformative insights into your neurotype, pinpointing both your strengths and challenges through a comprehensive evaluation.

Pre-employment Testing

Make informed hiring decisions through efficient psychological evaluations of potential candidates.

Adoption Evaluations

Advance your adoption process with our straightforward psychological evaluations, designed to be respectful and supportive.

Career Planning Assessment

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ADHD Evaluations

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