Adult ADHD Comprehensive Assessment

Your First Step Towards Clarity and Support

Make the world work for your unique brain with school and test accommodations.

We offer thorough ADHD assessments designed to understand the real “you”, not just a list of your symptoms. Our process is engaging and interactive, spread out over a 1-hour virtual interview and 2-3 comfortable testing sessions.

Testing typically involves a mix of puzzles and games alongside standardized academic measures and emotion-focused questionnaires, all with the goal of seeing the whole you.

After your final session, we’ll meet again for a feedback session, where you’ll get the full picture.

We review all the findings, share our recommendations, and plan what comes next.

Whether you’re looking to make sense of daily challenges or to secure academic and/or testing

*Some accommodations testing may require in-person testing

accommodations, we’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive reports are tailored to your specific needs.

Ready to make sense of it all? Reach out now to
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At Rittenhouse, we offer 2 types of ADHD assessment.

Comprehensive Assessment:

Great for students and workers looking to get accommodations for school, work, or high-stakes testing like LSAT, Medical Boards, or MCAT. It provides a thorough assessment of all of your cognitive and personal strengths and vulnerabilities.

Diagnostic Evaluation:

Our recommendation for most other folks as it is less time and resource-intensive but equally effective at diagnosis.

If you have any questions about which evaluation is right for you, we invite you to book a call, and we can help you find the best fit.

Our Services

Delivering Expert Care

ADHD Diagnostic Evaluation

Get a specialized, virtual ADHD evaluation to clarify your symptoms and recommend next steps—all from your own home.

Adult Autism Diagnostic

Gain transformative insights into your neurotype, pinpointing both your strengths and challenges through a comprehensive evaluation.

ADHD Screening Quiz

Take our empowering ADHD quiz as a first step toward understanding and managing your symptoms. Ideal for guiding further professional treatment.

Career Planning Assessment

Navigate your career path effectively with our Occupational Evaluations, tailored to your skills, interests, and personality.

ADHD Therapy

Rediscover joy, confidence, and connection with structured strategies tailored for your unique ADHD journey.

Women with ADHD Group

Join a supportive network of women with ADHD for shared understanding, strategies, and knowledge.

Your Unique Brain

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ADHD Therapy

  • Adult ADHD Therapy
  • LGBTQ+ ADHD-Informed Therapy
  • Sleep Therapy

  • ADHD Parent Coaching and Therapy
  • ADHD and Trauma Informed Therapy
  • BIPOC and ADHD Informed Therapy
  • ADHD Couples Therapy
  • ADHD Sex Therapy
  • Women with ADHD group
  • Partners of ADHD group

Other Services

  • Adult Autism Diagnostic Assessment
  • Act 235/120 Evaluations
  • Reemployment Testing
  • Adoption Evaluations
  • Career Planning Assessment

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