Adult ADHD/Autism Evaluations

Understand Your Unique Neurodiversity, Unlock Your Potential

Do you feel or process things differently? Are you wondering if it’s related to neurodiversity?

We offer a completely virtual evaluation designed to help clarify the unique cognitive and emotional patterns contributing to your distinct neurotype.

The assessment process involves an in-depth interview as well as several questionnaires and validated measures to help

pinpoint your constellation of strengths and challenges.

Collateral information from the people who know you best is also collected in order to ensure that we can provide you with personalized insights and actionable recommendations

Evaluation results are often also necessary for securing academic or workplace accommodations or guiding medication decisions.

If you’re seeking specific accommodations for an academic program or testing purposes, our Comprehensive Evaluations may better fit your needs.

*Please note that we may need to meet in person for some comprehensive testing.

Both assessments culminate in a detailed feedback session where you’ll receive customized findings and guidance.

Ready to understand the complexities of your
neurodiverse landscape better


Delivering Expert Care

ADHD Diagnostic Evaluation

Get a specialized, virtual ADHD evaluation to clarify your symptoms and recommend next steps—all from your own home.

Adult Autism Diagnostic

Gain transformative insights into your neurotype, pinpointing both your strengths and challenges through a comprehensive evaluation.

ADHD Screening Quiz

Take our empowering ADHD quiz as a first step toward understanding and managing your symptoms. Ideal for guiding further professional treatment.

Career Planning Assessment

Navigate your career path effectively with our Occupational Evaluations, tailored to your skills, interests, and personality.

ADHD Therapy

Rediscover joy, confidence, and connection with structured strategies tailored for your unique ADHD journey.

Women with ADHD Group

Join a supportive network of women with ADHD for shared understanding, strategies, and knowledge.

Your Unique Brain

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ADHD Therapy

  • Adult ADHD Therapy

  • LGBTQ+ ADHD-Informed Therapy

  • Sleep Therapy

  • ADHD Parent Coaching and Therapy

  • ADHD and Trauma Informed Therapy

  • BIPOC and ADHD Informed Therapy

  • ADHD Couples Therapy

  • ADHD Sex Therapy

  • Women with ADHD group

  • Partners of ADHD group

Other Services

  • Adult Autism Diagnostic Assessment
  • Act 235/120 Evaluations
  • Reemployment Testing
  • Adoption Evaluations
  • Career Planning Assessment

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