ADHD Therapy

ADHD Therapy

Therapy begins first with a thorough ADHD assessment of your life, your history and your ADHD symptoms. We then evaluate where in your life ADHD symptoms are most impeding progress, what strategies you have tried to help and what hurdles you have discovered when putting these strategies in place.

Next, we will begin to set up practical solutions, using research based, solutions-focused strategies to address the most challenging issues. We will work to forecast any hurdles to those strategies success and then look at what ways you can move around those hurdles. Each week we will look at what worked and what didn’t to further tailor the strategy.

While working in this hands-on, practical way we find that often many of the emotional struggles and pain that have accompanied previous attempts, struggles and efforts will come up. This provides a wonderful opportunity to compassionately and skillfully address this pain. Gently challenging previously held judgements that are no longer useful and finding greater peace where there once was struggle.

Through addressing both of these aspects: the concrete and the emotional we can decrease the tangle hold they have on each other and further increase the space for growth.

What is an ADHD Assessment?