ADHD Evaluations

ADHD Evaluations

Have you heard about ADHD and are starting to wonder if the diagnosis fits for you?

Do you ever wonder if your difficulty attending to challenging and tedious material or your tendency to forget things are because of ADHD or just a struggle with motivation?

Has anyone ever mentioned that you seem to never be able to sit still?

If so, you may be interested in an ADHD evaluation.

At Rittenhouse Psychological Services, we offer 2 levels of evaluation for ADHD, both of which are completed virtually, from the comfort of your own home.

Diagnostic Evaluation:

Diagnostic evaluations are a 1-2 hour process that will allow you to explore if the symptoms you are experiencing are the result of ADHD or something else with one of our ADHD psychologists.

The process will include:

  • Several pre-appointment forms and questionnaires
  • An interview where we will examine your symptoms, your history, and what, if any, other issues might be influencing your attention, concentration, or impulsivity.
  • Several symptom questionnaires and neurological, computer-based measures.

After this session, we will score and consolidate all of the information gathered to generate a personalized diagnosis and recommendations. We will then meet, about 1-2 weeks after your initial appointment, for a feedback session where we will share the evaluation results.

You will receive a summary of the findings and recommendations during this feedback session. However, if you need a full report (often to support the need for simple accommodations or medication), we are happy to provide you the documentation you need for an additional fee.

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Comprehensive Evaluations:

Comprehensive evaluations are best suited for students or employees seeking accommodations like extended time or a private room for testing, particularly for “high-stakes” testing such as the LSAT, GRE, or MCAT.

Comprehensive evaluations take between 6-8 hours which we typically split over 2-3 days, all of which are done virtually. During this time, your examiner will be:

  • Exploring the symptoms that you’re experiencing
  • Discussing your history, including your family, academic and occupational history
  • Conducting a variety of neurological, psychological, and cognitive measures. Some of these will be like puzzles, others will be similar to school-type tests, and others will be true/false questionnaires.

All of that information is then scored, interpreted, and consolidated into a report that will detail your strengths, weaknesses, diagnosis, and highly detailed and individualized recommendations based on the results. This entire report will be delivered to you and reviewed in a 1-2 hour feedback session about 2-3 weeks after your final appointment.

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