Act 235 evaluations

Act 235 Psychological Evaluations

When applying to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Act 235 Lethal Weapons Certification Training Program, a psychological evaluation is a mandatory part of the application process. The PA State Police require this evaluation to determine the psychological fitness of an applicant to appropriately handle a lethal weapon in the course of their work responsibilities.
An Act 235 evaluation includes a 1-hour virtual interview with one of our psychologists. This interview is an opportunity for you to share your history and provide context for your application. It will include questions regarding:

  • Developmental history
  • Family history
  • Educational and occupational history
  • Past or present mental health or substance use treatment
  • Legal concerns and Criminal history

In addition to the interview, a Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory – 3rd edition (MMPI-3) also needs to be completed. The MMPI-3 is a computerized true/false questionnaire that will provide further information about your current personality and psychological functioning.

Your examiner will use information from your interview and MMPI-3 to complete the Act 235 psychological exam form, as well as a prepared report explaining the results of your evaluation. They will submit your completed forms to the PA state police within 15 days of the date of your examination.

In rare circumstances, you may be asked to complete additional testing for the examiner to certify your psychological capability, sound judgment, and restraint in the handling of a lethal weapon. Further testing is conducted at the examiner’s discretion and will include an additional cost to your evaluation.

The psychological exam form is accessible on the PA state police website.

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