About Us

Rittenhouse Psychological Services is a boutique practice focused on helping adults thrive while living with ADHD.

Using the science of habit formation and behavioral pattern creation we collaborate with our clients to help them learn and apply the skills they need to address the ways in which ADHD impacts their life. The collaborative approach we take allows us to work together with our clients to overcome the obstacles that may present themselves during the learning process; thereby increasing success.

In the initial stage of treatment, we spend a time assessing the various ways in which ADHD impacts our client’s lives and the strategies that they have developed to help them cope. We then create systematic plan for addressing each of these areas of concern. When obstacles arise, we work with our clients to problem solve, finding strategies for dealing with the hurdles.

While working on concrete tasks, we are able to address the guilt and shame that often comes up. These feelings often accumulate from a lifetime of trying to meet the demands of living in a neurotypical world with a nuero-atypical brain. This guilt and shame can lead to issues with self-esteem. A lifetime of difficulty doing the things you know you need to do can cause you to doubt your abilities and makes it hard to trust yourself. Every fault and instance of struggle then further mounts on the pile of shame, making it harder to approach their tasks.

At RPS, we strive to address both the practical and the emotional impact of ADHD in tandem, allowing for magnified growth and healing.

Who We Are

Dr Marcy Caldwell

Marcy M. Caldwell, Psy.D.

Hi, I’m Marcy. I am the director and supervising psychologist at Rittenhouse Psychological Assessments. I’m a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment and assessment of ADHD and learning disabilities for over 15 years. I love my work with the passionate, talented, and resourceful adults that I have the pleasure of serving every day. I have great respect for both the beauty and the struggle of the ADHD brain and feel honored to help my client’s to translate their unique genius in this neurotypical world.

Prior to founding Rittenhouse Psychological Services, I had the pleasure of serving as the senior assessment supervisor at Tuttleman Counseling Services at Temple University and was a lecturing professor at the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to these roles, I have also worked at Villanova University, Seabrook House, The Temenos Center and JJ Peters Institute.

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My passion is working with individuals, families, and groups with Adult ADHD, helping people understand their everyday struggles and make meaningful change in their lives.

By creating a warm and safe environment in which to explore and be curious, I team up with you to help you develop greater insight into your current difficulties and find strategies to address them. My main role as your therapist will be to help you identify patterns of behavior that no longer work for you while also assisting you with addressing the emotional concerns and psychological blindspots that may make you feel stuck and unable to change. In order to do this, I work to build a strong and trusting relationship with my clients so that your therapy can meet your individual needs and goals. Together we work towards helping you achieve a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment in your life.

I earned my doctorate in clinical psychology from George Washington University. I have worked in a variety of settings, including outpatient clinics and university counseling centers, most recently completing a post-doctoral fellowship at Temple University’s Tuttleman Counseling Center. At Temple, I served a diverse population of college students. I specialize in working with young adults with ADHD and learning disabilities, mood disorders, substance use concerns, and LGBTQ+ populations. I use a client-centered and multiculturally-informed approach to my work with individuals and groups and I am always striving to balance the emotional and practical aspects of ADHD treatment. I also provide comprehensive diagnostic and psychological evaluations for ADHD and learning disabilities as well as work with local adoption agencies to evaluate prospective parents.

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Mary Salotto, Psy.D.

Mary Salotto, Psy.D.

I believe that therapy should be a partnership and strive to create a warm environment where trust can grow, and people can thrive. I hope to help each of my clients identify what makes them their best selves and learn how to leverage those strengths. By finding ways to work with your brain instead of against it, we can create individualized strategies that are both practical and effective for you. As a person with ADHD myself, I also know that its effects often reach outside of productivity and organization into psychological and emotional wellbeing. I treat every client as a being in their entirety and aim to address all aspects of their lives that they feel have been impacted. No two people are just alike; we will find things that work for you and your unique brain, your busy life, and your personal goals.

Prior to joining Rittenhouse Psychological Services, I earned my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Widener University. I have a range of experiences in clinical settings ranging from schools to substance use treatment and evaluation of severe mental illness. My significant experience with psychoeducational assessment has helped to shape my therapeutic style. I combine problem-solving and logical approaches with compassion and empathy in order to help each person construct an inner and outer life they love.

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Mattea LeWitt

Mattea LeWitt, LCSW

My passion as a therapist is to work as a team with my clients to help them live a life they love. I’m dedicated to helping people come up with concrete and practical day-to-day strategies that actually work for the lives and the brains of my clients. Additionally, I believe the stories we tell ourselves matter, so I balance that practical work with exploring the emotional and historical aspects of my clients’ struggles.

I’m a licensed clinical social worker with a master’s degree in social work from the University of Pennsylvania. While my focus and specialty is working with adults with ADHD, I also have expertise in stress, trauma, relationship challenges, life transitions/changes, parenting, and emotion management. My clinical background involves work in the community, home, and schools, and I’m passionate about helping underserved groups, including LGBTQ+ individuals, neurodiverse people, multi-cultural populations, and veterans.

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Karishma Lalchandani, Psy.D

It is both my passion and my privilege to work with clients as a team to help them find strategies that work for their lives and create lasting change. I work to create a comfortable environment of respect and equality in which to address not only the practical challenges of ADHD but also the emotional ones. Our work may contain practicing strategies to make your daily life easier, discussing how ADHD and other aspects of your life have affected your current mindset and relationships, coaching you through your overwhelming list of tasks, or (most likely) a mix of all of it. Each individual is different and what they bring to therapy will be unique. I work with you to create goals that are specific to your life, your brain and your dreams.

I have clinical experience in an array of settings including schools, psychiatric hospitals, substance abuse centers, and college counseling. Throughout my experience, I have always focused on tailoring therapy to the specific needs and goals of my clients while creating a space where effective therapy can take place. I look forward to welcoming you into that space and teaming up with you to help you meet your goals.

I am not longer accepting new clients, but I invite you to connect with one of the other great clinicians at RPS and find a great fit.



As someone with ADHD, myself, I approach this extraordinary and extraordinarily challenging way of being from the inside.

One fascinating thing about the ADHD mind is that it demands that the activities we engage in be somehow meaningful or interesting. This makes me thrive when taking each challenge people bring to me and breaking it down into its component parts. My passion is seeing how those parts fit into the larger picture of meaning and purpose in a person’s life. As we put this puzzle together, as a team, tasks that seemed boring and undoable become filled with more purpose and more meaning, making them bearable, more effortless and more habitual. These habits then create the runway leading to take-off – the ability to concentrate, act and work towards your dreams.

My style is very warm, often informal, and equal parts serious and playful. I treat each person that I work with as an equal and with very deep respect. I received my graduate training in New York University and specialize in the mindfulness-based approaches originating in Buddhist psychology and integrated into Western psychology through systems like Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. I like to use ancient wisdom and mix it with modern scientifically-grounded approaches to create unique solutions for each individual walking through my door.  

I am no longer accepting new clients.  But I invite you to check out the other amazing clinicians here at RPS to find a great fit.